WHURLE - An Adaptive Learning Environment

SourceForge Logo WHURLE (Web-based Hierarchical Universal Reactive Learning Environment) is an attempt to address the failings of current static, ill conceived learning environments with one that is pedagogically effective, adaptive to learner needs and suits all subjects. 

WHURLE is currently implemented using XSLT, and is designed for Coccon 1.x.  The code is available under GPL from SourceForge.  We would appreciate it if any potential users or developers would contact the WHURLE  development team.

Current Status (2004)

WHURLE is still under development as a research tool in the Web Technology Group of the University of Nottingham, and it has been used in various teaching scenarios. There has not been a Sourceforge release since 2002, because the current adaptation filters are not in a state that we consider suitable for a general release. If you are interested in becoming involved with the project, then please contact the developers.

WHURLE at Sourceforge

WHURLE Publications

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Please contact Adam Moore or Tim Brailsford for further information